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Our landscaping services start by scheduling an onsite meeting with the customer(s). This meeting is to evaluate the customer's wants and needs; to measure the areas discussed; and to look at the home and/or business to see where the accent and focal areas are located.

The budget for the project is then discussed. With that in mind, the landscape designer takes all of the information and proceeds with a written bid to be presented to the customer along with a drawing. These drawings are NOT to scale, but only show what the finished product will look like. (We do offer to scale and not to scale landscape drawings at an hourly rate. The rates are different depending on whether they are to scale or not.)

After the bid and drawing have been completed, a meeting with the customer will be set up either at the nursery (to show plant material) or at the residence and/or business.

We stand by our design and landscaping process and all work is done with the customer's needs and budget in mind.

Click here to view some examples of our latest projects - in some cases, before and after shots.

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