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Links to useful information and societies.

American Horticulture Society Aggie Horticulture
Aggie Horticulture Plant Answer Machine
Botanical Society of America

Botanical Research Institute of Texas
The Wildflower Center
Central Texas Gardening - contains useful info on poisonous plants. Info and pictures of Herbs, flowers, shrubs, groundcovers, trees and veggies
Natives of Texas - Hill Country Native Plants
Link to a listing of Professional Organizations and Botanical Gardens Websites
Forest and Shade Tree Pathology - major diseases of trees
State of Texas - Environmental and natural resources: Find links to the Texas Farm Bureau, Department of Agriculture, Pesticide information, and much more...
The U. S. Department of Agriculture  The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map
U.S. Apple Association - great information on apples - growing and recipies
I love Pecans - recipies, nutrition facts and food industry information
Better Homes and Gardens - information on choosing and care of trees
Interesting facts on Oak trees    Information on all Oak trees
Information on all Maple trees  Information on all Cypress trees
Benny Simpson's Texas Native Trees - information on all Texas Native Trees
Benny Simpson's Texas Native Shrubs - information on all Texas Native Shrubs
Neil Sperry - Texas' Best Known Gardener
Fort Worth Botanic Gardens
Dallas Arboretum   Native Plant Society of Texas   Pruning Peach Trees
Garden Line Trees and Shrubs - a complete guide to trees and shrubs
The American Rose Society - great info on planting, care and pruning of roses
Morrison 2003 Gardens - wealth of information on Roses

 Glossary / dictionary of Roses
Note - you will find additional links to a particular tree in our nursery section

Note: if you have come across a helpful link, please share it with us.

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