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Morrison 2007 Gardens - wealth of information on Roses American Rose Society glossary or dictionary of rose-related terms
Roses cl = climbers - h = hybrid - t = tea - c = china - f = Florabunda - MIN = Miniature
n = Noisette p = Polyantha - s = shrub - b = Bourbon - AUS = Austin - BUCK = Buck
Altissimo (dark red climber) cl
Amazone (yellow tea)
American (Coral Pink) cl
Amiga Mia (Medium Pink) BUCK
Angel Face (Lavender) f
Antoine Rivoire (light pink hybrid)
April Moon (Soft Yellow) BUCK
Archduke Charles (rosy crimson)
Ballerina (soft pink hybrid musk)
Barn Dance (Light Pink) BUCK
Basye Blueberry (bright pink shrub)
Belinda's Dream (soft pink)
Bengal Tiger (Orange/Yellow/Scarlet) f
Betty Boop (Yellow Red Edged) f
Betty Prior (Pink) f
Big John (Dark Red) min
Blaze (Red) cl
Blumenschmidt (yellow hybrid)
Bonica (pink shrub) s
Buff Beauty (apricot hybrid)
Caldwell Pink (pink Polyantha) p
Carnival Glass (Yellow/Orange blend) min
Cardinal Hume (violet-purple)
Carefree Beauty (light rose) BUK
Carpet Rose Coral (Coral) car
Carpet Rose Pink (Pink) car
Carpet Rose Red (Red) car
Carpet Rose White (White) car
Cecile Brunner (pink) p
Cecile Brunner (Light Pink) cl
Celine Fosestier (pale yellow)
Charlotte (Medium Yellow) aus
Chicago Peace (Pink/Yellow) t
Chysler Imperial (red tea)
Cecile Brunner (light pink - climber)
Clotilde Soupert (perl white - climber)
Country Dancer (Rose Red) BUCK
Countryman (Bright Pink Blend) BUCK
Cramoisi Superieur (crimson red - climber)
Cupcake (Light Pink) MIN
Dame de Coeur (red hybrid)
Don Juan Pink (Dark Pink) cl
Don Juan Red (Dark Red) cl
Dortmund (red white climber)
Double Delight (Red Cream) ht
Dragons Fire (Red/Yellow Blend) MIN
Ducher (white China) c
Duchesse de Brabant (pink tea)
Earth Song (Deep Pink) BUCK
Easy Going (peach yellow) f
Ebb Tide (SmokyDeep Plum Purple) f
Else Poulsen (Bright Rose Pink) f
Europeona (crimson red) f
Eutin (red Floribunda) f
Fairy (pink climbing Polyantha) cl p

Folk Singer (Yellow/Peach) BUCK
Fragrant Cloud (Deep Coral) ht
Georgetown Tea (pink tea)
Gold Coin (Deep Yellow) MIN
Gold Glow (Dark Yellow) ht
Golden Celebration (Deep Yellow) AUS
Golden Showers (Bright Yellow) cl
Heirloom (lilac hybrid)
Heritage (Light Pink) AUS
Home Run (Deep Red) s
Hot Cocoa (chocolate orange) f
Hot-N-Spicy (bright orange) s
Hwy 290 Pink Buttons (pink) s
Iceberg (white) cl
Isabella Sprunt (yellow tea)
Jeanne d'Arc (white Noisette) n
Jefferson Rose (creamy yellow)
Joseph's Coat (yellow red climber)
Julia Child (Butter Gold) f
Just Joey (apricot hybrid)
Katy Road Pink (Medium Pink) s
Knock Out (Cherry Red) s
Knock Out (Medium Pink) s
Knock Out Rainbow (Coral/Pink/Yellow) s
LaFrance (silvery pink hybrid)
LaMarne (pink white Polyantha) p
Lady Banks White (white) cl
Lady Banks Yellow (yellow) cl
Lagerfeld (silver lavender)
Lamarque (white climbing)
Let Freedom Ring (Strawberry Red) ht
Livin Easy (apricot orange Floribunda) f
Maggie (violet Bourbon) b
Marchesa Boccella (light pink hybrid) h
Marie Daly (pink Polyantha) p
Marie Pavie (creamy white Polyantha) p
Mary Rose (Rose Pink) AUS
Martha Gonzales (red climbing)
Martha Gonzales (scarlet red China) c
Mermaid (sulpher yellow hybrid) h
Midas Touch (yellow)
Mister Lincoln (Burgundy) ht
Mlle. Franziska Kruger (Yellow/Pink) t
Mme. Alfred Carriere (white Noisette) n
Mme. Isaac Pereire (Violet Pink) b
Mme. Joseph Schwarts (white/pink tea) t
Monsieur Tiller (coral pink tea) t
Mrs. B.R. Cant (silvery rose tea) t
Mrs. Dudley Cross (Yellow/Crimson) t
Mrs. Oakley Fisher (apricot hybrid tea) h t
Mutabillis (yellow/orange/red China) c

Nearly Wild (rose pink Floribunda) f
New Dawn (blush pink climber) cl
Oklahoma (Dark Red) ht
Old Blush (lilac pink China) c

Old Blush (pink china climbing) cl
Orange Hearts (pure orange Polyantha) p
Orange Honey (Orange/Yellow Blend) MIN
Oregold (Deep Yellow) ht
Over The Rainbow (Red/Yellow Blend) MIN
Pascail (White) ht
Pat Austin (Copper Yellow) AUS
Peace (Light Yellow) cl
Perfume Delight (Pink) ht
Perle d' Or (golden yellow/pink Polyantha) p
Permanent Wave (carmine pink Floribunda) f
Pettie Folie (Bright Coral) MIN
Phalaenopsis (bright pink Floribunda) f
Pink Peace (Dark Pink) ht
Pinkie (pink climbing)
Pixie Rose (Deep Pink) MIN
Playboy (scarlet/golf Floribunda) f
Polonaise (Deep Pink) BUCK
Prarie Breeze (Mauve) BUCK
Prairie Clogger (medium red shrub) s
Prarie Harvest (Cream White) BUCK
Prarie Princess (Orange Pink) BUCK
Princess Verona (Medium Pink) BUCK
Quietness (Light Pink) BUCK
Queen Elizabeth (Pink) ht
Rainbow Sorbet (Luminous Pink/Yellow) f
Red Cascade (deep red climber) cl
Red Fountain (scarlet red climber) cl
Reve d' Or (buff yellow Noisette) n
Rio Samba (yellow/orange) ht
Rise 'n' Shine (Medium Red) MIN
Safrano (apricot/yellow tea) t
Scentimental (red/swirled white)
Sea Foam (creamy white shrub) s
Seven Sisters (pink blend hybrid multiflora) h
Shreveport (orange Grandiflora) f
Skyrocket (dark red hybrid musk) h
Sombreuil (creamy white climbing tea) cl t
Sophy's Rose (Red Blend) AUS
Souvenir de la Malmaison (pink Bourbon) b
Square Dancer (Deep Pink) BUCK
Summer Snow (White) f
Summer Wind (Coral Pink) BUCK
Sun Flare (Yellow) f
Tahitian Sunset (Orange/Yellow) ht
The Fairy (light pink Polyantha) p
Tropicana (Coral Orange) ht
Trumpeter (orange red Flooribunda) f
Valentine (Bright red Floribunda) f
Weeping China Doll (pink climbing Polyantha) cl p
Westerland (apricot-orange shrub climber) s cl
Wild Blue Yonder (Red/Purple) g
Winter Sunset (Yellow/Orange) BUCK
Zephirine Drouhin (rose pink Bourbon) b

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