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Every installed sprinkler system is custom designed to meet your and your lawns' needs.

Sprinkler system designing starts out with an onsite visit to the property. A water pressure test is then done to determine that the proper amount of heads to each zone can accommodate the pressure for each zone.

After this has been determined, the bed areas and the lawn areas are measured to precisely figure how many heads and what type of head will produce the most efficient water coverage for the designated area. For example, in a bed area there will be shrub risers and/or pop-up heads depending on the shrubbery, trees and flowers. The lawn area will consist of pop-up and/or rotary heads. Also available are tree bubblers. These are specific heads that will disperse water directly to the soil area around the trees.

We usually install a full Toro™ system, however, there are some situations that require a larger controller and we will use an Irritrol™.

After all this has been determined the technician will design it on paper and map out zones and heads. Then a written bid will be prepared and presented to the homeowner(s) / business owner(s) for their approval.

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