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We offer a wide variety of stone, sand, soil and mulches in bulk form and can deliver it to you by the yard or by the bag - delivery charges and minimum bag amounts apply.

Bulk Materials - Decomposed Granite Bulk, Decomposed Pine Bark Mulch Bulk, Organic Compost Bulk, Pine Bark Mulch Bulk, Salt River Rock Bulk, Sand Bulk, Sandy Loam Top Soil Bulk.

Soil Bagged - Azalea Mix, Back to Earth Cotton Burr Compost, Compost Peat Humus, Fertilome Potting Soil (Indoor), Landscapers Mix, Mushroom Compost, Peat Moss, Potting soil, Rose Mix, Sunshine Potting Soil (Indoor).

Soil Bulk: We offer several types of soil suitable for establishing a new yard, adding to an existing yard or soil for flowerbeds and inside plants. Rich potting soil is available by the bag. see Soil Mix Recipes for outdoor and indoor plants or when planting a new potted or bare root shrub or transplanting

"When starting a new lawn consider there are two zones of soil: topsoil and subsoil. Topsoil is soil from the surface down about 8 to 12 inches where grass roots grow. Subsoil is below the root zone.

Start planning with the subsoil. The most important trait of the subsoil is good drainage. Generally existing subsoil at a site can be used, but where options are available, a sandy soil is best. Be sure to loosen and grade subsoil before applying topsoil. Never roll or pack subsoil: its grade should parallel the finished surface grade." excerpt from The University of Minnesota Extension Service

Soil Bagged: Azalea Mix Bag, Back to Earth Cotton Burr Compost Bag, Compost Peat Humus Bag, Fertilome Potting Soil (Indoor) Bag, Landscapers Mix Bag, Mushroom Compost Bag, Peat Moss Bag, Play Sand Bag, Potting Bag, Rose Mix Bag, Sunshine Potting Soil (Indoor) Bag,

Mulch: Mulching your flower and vegetable beds will drastically reduce the amount of time spent weeding, watering and fighting pests. Mulch also improves the appearance of your garden, and keep dirt from splashing up on your flowers and vegetables when it rains. see article from NC University and one from PageWise.

Mulch in Bags: Cedar 2 cu/ft, Cypress 2 cu/ft, Deco Bark 2 cu/ft, Hardwood 2 cu/ft, Pecan Shell 2 cu/ft, Pine Bark 3 cu/ft, and Red Colored 2 cu/ft.

How Much Mulch?

Mulch is usually sold by the cubic yard, and that can leave the average person scratching their head when trying to figure out how much to buy. Here's the easiest way:

  1. First, find out the size of the area you want to cover in square feet. This is easy; just multiply the length of your garden by the width.
  2. Next, decide how deep you want your mulch to be, in inches. A couple of inches is usually sufficient.
  3. Now multiply the size of your garden in square feet (#1) by the depth of your mulch in inches (#2).
  4. Divide the number you get in #3 by 324. This is the number of cubic yards of mulch you will need to cover your garden.

Stone: Salt river rock - 7/8"; Moss Boulders; Chopped Stone ( Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado Red, Hill Country White, and Wister Cut)

Flagstone Coping and Flooring: Colorado Red Flagstone, Arkansas Gray Flagstone and Oklahoma Tan Flagstone

Bags of Rock include Lava Rock, Marble Rock, Pea Gravel, Rainbow River Rock, and Salt River Rock

Sand: Concrete Base and Decomposed Granite

We several varieties of sand that can be mixed with soil, used as a base for laying brick or stone or for sandboxes.

We also offer playsand in bags.

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