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Trees Shrubs Flowers Vines Key
We have an assortment of trees to fit your every need. Shade, Ornamental, Fruit and Nut trees. The links below will take you directly to pictures or information relating to that underlined item.

Shade / Ornamental Trees
Ash - tree
    Arizona, Green, Texas
Birch, River - O
Bird of Paradise - O, T, Fl
Buckeye, Mexican -T
Catalpa - tree, Fl
Cedar -O, E
   Deodar, Eastern Red
Cherry - O, Fl
Chitalpa - O, Fl
Cottonless Cottonwood - tree
Crabapple - O, Fl
Crape Myrtle, Dwarf - O, Fl
Crape Myrtle, Standard - O, Fl, T
Crape Myrtle, Weeping - O, Fl
Cypress Trees
  Cypress, Bald - tree
  Cypress, Italian - O, E
  Cypress, Leyland - O, E
  Cypress, Montezuma - tree, T, E
  Cypress, Pond - tree
Dogwood - ,O, Fl
    Flowering, Rough Leaf (T)
Elm - tree
   Cedar (T), Lacebark
Eve's Necklace - T, Fl
Ginko - tree, O
Golden Lead Ball
Golden Rain Tree - tree, Fl
Hawthorn, Texas - T, Fl
Holly Trees
Possumhaw - T, O, B
Yaupon - T, O, B
Honeylocust - T, O
Magnolia - O, Fl
   DD Blanchard, Teddy Bear,
   Little Gem, Saucer, Southern
Maple, Big Tooth, tree, T
Maple, Japanese - , O
Maple - tree
   Autumn Flame, Caddo,

Shade / Ornamental Trees
Mesquite - T
Mimosa - tree, Fl
Mulberry, Weeping - O, Fl
Myrtle, Dwarf Wax - O
Myrtle, Wax - T, O
Oak - tree, T
   Bur, Red, Texas Red,
   Vasey, Live (E)
Oak - tree
   Chinkapin, Mexican White Oak
Pear - tree, O, Fl
   Aristocrat, Bradford
Persimmon, Oriental - O, F
Persimmon, Texas - O, F, T, Fl
Pine - O, E
   Eldarica (Afgan or Mondel),
   Japanese Black
Pistachio, Chinese - tree
Pistachio, Texas - tree, T
Plum, Mexican - T, O, Fl
Plum, Purpleleaf - O
Poplar, Theves - tree
Redbud, Forest Pansy - tree, O, Fl
Redbud, Mexican - T, O, Fl
Redbud, Oklahoma - tree, O, Fl
Redbud, Texas - T, O, Fl
Redbud, White - tree, O, Fl
Smoketree - , O
Sumac - T
   Aromatic, Flameleaf, Smooth
Sumac, Evergreen - T, E
Sweetgum - tree, T
Sycamore - tree, T
Tallow, Chinese - tree
Texas Mountain Laurel - T, O, Fl
Tulip Tree - O, Fl
Viburnum, Rusty Blackhaw - T, O, Fl
Vitex - O, Fl
Williow - tree
   Corkscrew, Globe, Weeping
Willow, Desert "Regal" - tree, T, Fl

Fruit Trees - Guide to growing fruit
Apple - Fl
   Dorsett Golden, Fuji, Gala,
   Golden Delicious, Holland,
   Jonathan, King David,
   Molly's Delicious, Stark
   Rimson Delicious
Appricots - Fl
   Bryan, Moor Park
Cherries - Fl
   Bing, Montmorency
   Alma, Brown Turkey,
   Celeste, TX Everbearing
Nectarine, Sure Crop - Fl
Peaches - Fl
   Belle of Georgia, Dixieland,
   Elberta, Harvest, June Gold,
   Milam, Ranger, Red Haven,
   Red Skin, Sentinel, Spring Gold,
   Tom Thumb (Dwarf),
   Bon Fire (Dwarf)
Pears - Fl
   Asian, Ayers, Kieffer,
   Moon Glow Orient
Persimmons - Fl
   Eureka, Fuyu, Hachiya,
   Tamopan, Tane-Nashi,
   TX American
Persimmon, Japanese - O, F
Persimmon, Texas - O, F, T, Fl
Plums - Fl
   All Red, Bruce (needs
   Methley), Methley, Morris
   (needs pollinator), Ozark
   Premier, Santa Rosa
Pomegranites - Fl
   Dwarf Pomegranite,
   Wonderful Pomegranite

Nut Trees
Paper Shell Pecans
   Cheyenne, Choctaw,
   Desirable, Kiowa
   Black Walnut,
   English Walnut

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